Biharis are the backbone of India's administration. Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the son of a Bihari immigrant, with David Ben Gurion at Lod airport, Israel, in … The Haryanka dynasty was followed by the Shishunaga dynasty. The name Bihar is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word, Vihara which means “abode”. [114] Singh, in another book on Indian classical music, wrote that "Kumar Shyamanand Singh of Banaili estate had such expertise in singing that many great singers including Kesarbai Kerkar acknowledged his ability. [13] Only 11.3% of the population of Bihar lives in urban areas, which is the lowest in India after Himachal Pradesh. Mauryan emperor Ashoka, who was born in Pataliputra (Patna), is often considered to be among the most accomplished rulers in world history. It has been regarded as the second most important state that has produced many numbers of IAS officers. Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary in Bhagalpur region is a reserve for the endangered South Asian river dolphin. 1925; now Patna Medical College and Hospital), Science College, Patna (est. [121] From the 11th century to the 20th century, Mithila was ruled by various indigenous dynasties. Common scenes illustrate deities and Saraswati from ancient epics, celestial objects, and religious plants like Tulsi, and scenes from the royal court and social events. 24. After listening to bandishes from Kumar Sahib, Pandit Jasraj was moved to tears and lamented that, alas, he did not have such ability himself." Bihar is one of the strongest agricultural states. The role of the Ganges as a channel for trade was enhanced by its natural links to major rivers and streams in north and south Bihar. [58] Karkatgarh Waterfall on Karmanasa River is a natural habitat of crocodiles. Portrait of Veer Kunwar Singh. Bihar Is In Itself Very Famous For Its Beautiful Festivals And Temples Incomparable To Any Of The States. Famous Mithila painters include Smt Bharti Dayal, M… [72][73][74][75][76], By 2004, The Economist magazine said that "Bihar [had] become a byword for the worst of India, of widespread and inescapable poverty, of corrupt politicians indistinguishable from mafia-dons they patronise, caste-ridden social order that has retained the worst feudal cruelties". It is one of the oldest universities in the world and was known as a storehouse of knowledge during the ancient days. Bihar is the birthplace of tenth Guru that is Guru Gobind Singh and the holy place of Sikhs is Harmandir Takht which is in Patna. Painting was usually done on walls during festivals, religious events, births, marriages, and other cultural milestones. The Great, Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir were propagators of this enchanting thought. 1905; now Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University, Pusa). Further developments have taken place in the growth of small industries, improvements in IT infrastructure, a software park in Patna, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur,[107] and the completion of the expressway from the Purvanchal border through Bihar to Jharkhand. Image:, Chhath Puja is an important festival celebrated in Bihar since ancient Vedic times. No wonder it is a perfect blend of literature and science. [48] In 1540, the great Pathan chieftain, Sher Shah Suri, took northern India from the Mughals and declared Delhi his capital. By sectors, its composition is 22% agriculture, 5% industry and 73% services. The movement intensified and spread from Bihar across the rest of India, culminating in the formation of the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) at the Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress in April 1936, where Saraswati was elected as its first president. The literary activity was not confined to Patna alone but to other districts of Bihar.[132][137]. [40] Bihar and Bengal was invaded by Rajendra Chola I of the Chola dynasty in the 11th century.[41][42]. The percentage of population employed in agricultural production in Bihar is around 80%, which is much higher than the national average. These arguments often rely on references to historical or current famous people and places from Bihar. Bihar is derived from the Sanskrit word. – discuss], The Mahabodhi Temple, among the four holy sites related to the life of the Lord Buddha and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gurudwara Patna sahib, Birthplace of GuruGovind Singh, The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is in the Sasaram town of Bihar, Historically, Bihar has been a major centre of learning, home to the ancient universities of Nalanda (est. 25. Pandit Govardhan Mishra – son of the Ram Prasad Mishra, himself an accomplished singer – is perhaps the finest living exponent of Tappa singing in India, according to Padma Shri Gajendra Narayan Singh, founding secretary of the Sangeet Natak Academi of Bihar[citation needed]. Traditionally, this form was practised mainly by women, passed down generation to generation. The classical music in Bihar is a form of Hindustani classical music. It became a republic by the 6th century BC. [52] Bihar remained a part of the Bengal Presidency of British India until 1912, when Bihar and Orissa was carved out as a separate province. In 1964 Bihar School of Yoga was established at Munger.[relevant? Here is the top facts about Bihar. In contrast to prior governments, which emphasised divisions of caste and religion, his political platform was based on economic development, reduction of crime and corruption, and greater social equality. High rainfall (above 1,600 mm [63 in]) promotes forests of Sal (Shorea robusta) in these areas. 783 CE). It was said that the Nalanda library was set on fire by the army of BakhtiyarKhilji. Facts about Bihar – Bihar is a state in East India.It is the 13th largest state in India. Nagi Dam and Nakti Dam have been declared as bird sanctuaries. Rajkumar Shyamanand Sinha of Champanagar, Banaili princely state, was a great patron of music and was himself one of the finest exponents of classical vocal music in Bihar in his time. [80], Nitish Kumar has been chief minister of Bihar for 13 years between 2005 and 2020. It is the fourth largest producer of vegetables and the eight largest producers of fruits in India. If you wish to visit Bihar for religious purposes and wwant to know which are the famous temples in Bihar then here is … In the 1980s, enough Bhojpuri films were produced to support a dedicated industry. Mentioned in the Ramayana, the city is known for the world popular Madhubani paintings whose origin lie here. An eighth state engineering college began construction in December 2013 at Begusarai,[146][147] while two others are planned at Madhepura and Sitamarhi. Executive power rests with the chief minister and their cabinet. The main northern tributaries are the Gandak and Koshi, which originate in the Nepalese Himalayas, and the Bagmati, which originates in the Kathmandu Valley. One is Mithila painting, a style used in the Mithila region of Bihar. Image:, During the Vedic period, Bihar was the center of trade and economy. Image:, The world-famous Nalanda University is located in the capital city of Patna. SangeetSinha 4. [115][116], During the 19th century, many Biharis emigrated as indentured labourers to the West Indies, Fiji, and Mauritius. While every city of Bihar has something to offer some of the major attractions are Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Patna, Vaishali, Pawapuri and Nalanda. It began in 1929 under the leadership of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati who formed the Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha (BPKS), to mobilise peasant grievances against the zamindari attacks on their occupancy rights. Vessels capable of accommodating five hundred merchants were known to ply this river in the ancient period, when it served as a conduit for overseas trade. [53][54], In the northern and central regions of Bihar, the Kisan Sabha (peasant movement) was an important consequence of the independence movement. It will be the first glass in Bihar and the second in the country," he said. Image:, The Mundeshwari temple in Bihar is known as the oldest Hindu temple in India. He declared war and conquered the Vajji. The government of Bihar established Bihar Animal Science University in 2017. It is one of the larger cities of Bihar & is known all over East India for its highly strategic railway junction. indialocation 5. [117][better source needed]. Where the Buddha delivered most of his sermons! At one point in time, Bihar was the capital state under the Mauryan empire and had Magadha, Anga, Vijji, Janaka, amongst many others as its important kingdoms. A perfect reminisce to the time of flourishing Gupta and Pala period, Nalanda is an acclaimed tourist attraction in Bihar. [12] Bihar is also the world's third-most populous subnational entity. Since antiquity, Bodh Gaya has remained the object of pilgrimage and veneration both for Hindus and Buddhists. The third largest state of India by population, it is also contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, the northern part of West Bengal to the east, with Jharkhand to the south. 552 active cases 372 in last 7 days An ancient city, Madhubani in Bihar is known for the richness in art and culture that the district strives for. Ever heard of the famous Nalanda university that is located in the capital city of Patna. It is 13 th largest state by area and the 3 rd largest by population. The history of films entirely in Bhojpuri begins in 1962 with the well-received film Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo ("Mother Ganges, I will offer you a yellow sari"), which was directed by Kundan Kumar. May It Be Politics, Economy, Social Or Religious Any Aspect Bihar Has Made Its Own Space In Every Field. India’s first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad belonged to Bihar. Motihari in the East Champaran district of Bihar was perhaps the first laboratory of the Gandhian experiment in Satyagraha, and it would be apt to say that it has been the springboard for India’s independence. Mahatma Gandhi Central University – also established under the Central Universities Act, and Amendment Act of 2014 – is situated in Motihari, the district headquarters of East Champaran district. [citation needed]. "It is inspired by the famous glass bridge in China. [38][39], The Gupta Empire, which originated in Magadha in 240 AD, is referred as the Golden Age of India in science, mathematics, astronomy, commerce, religion, and Indian philosophy. The constitutional head of the government of Bihar is the governor, who is appointed by the President of India. [58], At the 2011 Census, Bihar was the third most populous state of India with total population of 104,099,452, nearly 89% of it rural. 22. Bihar has the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET) and the Institute of Hotel Management (a central government unit) in Hajipur. On 8 August 2008, Indian Institutes of Technology Patna was inaugurated with students from all over India[150] In 2008, NSIT opened its new college in Bihta, which is now emerging as an education hub. The university is likely to be relocated to Panchanpur, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Gaya, on 300 acres (120 ha) of land to be transferred soon from the military. The Nanda dynasty was replaced by the Maurya Empire, India's first empire. [71] However speaker numbers for these languages are limited because the more educated and urban prefer to speak in Hindi (in formal contexts) and so return this answer on the census, and in rural and uneducated areas they simply return their language as "Hindi" on the census. Anil Agarwal Age: (66) #Businessperson. The Patna School of Painting (Patna Kalam), sometimes called "Company Painting", flourished in Bihar during the early 18th to mid-20th centuries. 550 CE) and Vikramashila (est. 450 CE), Odantapurā (est. Many varieties of local and migratory bird species can be seen in natural wetlands of Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, Baraila lake, Kusheshwar Nath Lake, Udaypur lake. Image:, Kesaria Stupa, a lofty brick mound capped by a solid brick tower of considerable size, situated in the Champaran (east) district of Bihar, is the highest Stupa found in the country with a height of about 104” from the base. The A.N. [138], The culture and heritage of Bihar can be observed from the large number of ancient monuments spread throughout the state. The rich resources of fertile land, water and skilled labour had attracted the foreign imperialists, particularly the Dutch and British, in the 18th century. [87], Bihar's gross state domestic product (GSDP) for fiscal year (FY) 2013–14 was around ₹3,683.37 billion. even before the birth of Gautama Buddha (563 B.C. Retrieved 16 August 2014. On 4 August 2008, National Institute of Fashion Technology Patna was established as the ninth such institute in India. Bihar has reserved Forest area of 6,845 km2 (2,643 sq mi), which is 7.27% of its geographical area. It holds significance because of its ancient monuments and tourist attractions. [130], The famous Jain temple Jal Mandir at Pawapuri, Sita Kund at Sitamarhi, Mithila, Bihar is believed to be the birthplace of Hindu Goddess Sita[131], Biharbandhu was the first Hindi newspaper published in Bihar. The head of the bureaucracy of the state is the chief secretary, under whom a hierarchy of officials is drawn from the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, and different wings of the state civil services. The Central University of Bihar (CUB) is one of the sixteen central universities newly established by the Government of India under the Central Universities Act, 2009 (Section 25 of 2009). [90][91][92][93] Corruption is enabled as Bihar lacks continuity and transparency of health reporting as required by the Clinical Establishments Act of 2010. Gaya Airport is the only international airport in Bihar, having seasonal flights to countries like Thailand, Bhutan, and Myanmar. In March 2019, the government of Bihar has sent a proposal to centre Government to upgrade Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital into an AIIMS-like institution. It is believed that the last and most famous Jain Tirthankara, Mahavira spent 14 … [154] Chanakya National Law University and Chandragupt Institute of Management were established in the later half of 2008. Image:, The tomb of the Mughal emperor Sher Shah Suri and the Maner Sharif have magnificent architecture. It is the amalgamation of religion, spirituality, history and education which makes the state one of its kind. In another section, there is a modern map of Bihar with names of places, … It spans over whopping 20 km. [47] After the fall of the Pala Empire, the Chero dynasty ruled some parts of Bihar from the 12th century until Mughal rule in the 16th century. Image: [87][88] While the National Health Mission, the Clinical Establishments Act of 2010, and the formation of the Empowered Action Group (EAG)[89] provide federal funds to expand and improve healthcare services, Bihar's ability to fully utilise this funding is lacking.[87][88]. [118] [60] It has a diverse landscape and biodiversity in addition to sheltering the protected carnivores. Almost every district has a DM or SP from Bihar. – discuss], Prior to prohibition, Bihar emerged as a brewery hub with numerous production units. Bihar occupied an important position in the early history of India. [168] The Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya was established in 2015. For the administration of urban areas, Bihar has 12 municipal corporations, 49 nagar parishads(city councils), and 80 nagar panchayats (town councils). The Bihar plain is split by the river Ganges, which flows from west to east. Hence, the name of the State was used to denote the home or the abode of the Buddhist monks residing here. During this time many sad plays and songs called birha became popular in the Bhojpur region, as Bhojpuri Birha. Bihar, state of eastern India. There are many other political formations. All the branches of the government are located in the state capital, Patna. Image: There are several traditional styles of painting practised in Bihar. [167] In 2014 the government of Bihar established Development Management Institute in Bihta near the Patna. It was traditionally done on the plastered walls of mud huts, and is also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas. Bihar, India is famous for having the first Republic in the world. List of the famous personalities of Bihar Bihar is a land of many extraordinary people whose work and contributions have strongly influenced the course of events of the history of Bihar. The political party or coalition of political parties having a majority in the Legislative Assembly forms the government. Image:, Aryabhatta who gave zero number to the world, the nine planets theory, and trigonometric rules was from Bihar. [16] From Magadha arose India's first empire, the Maurya empire, as well as one of the world's most widely adhered-to religions: Buddhism. [143] Some other centres of high learning established under British rule are Patna College (est. 1963's Lagi nahin chute ram was the all-time hit Bhojpuri film, and had higher attendance than Mughal-e-Azam in the eastern and northern regions of India. Their art shared the characteristics of the Mughal painters, expanded subject matter from court scenes to bazaar scenes, daily life and ceremonies. Though good soil and favourable climatic conditions favour agriculture, this can be hampered by floods and soil erosion. It was started in 1872 by Madan Mohan Bhatta, a Marathi Brahman who settled in Bihar Sharif. The first of these were the Karnatas, followed by the Oiniwar dynasty and Raj Darbhanga. Since 2010, the government confiscated the properties of corrupt officials and redeployed them as schools buildings. Other important trees are Sal Cedrela Toona, Khair, and Semal. Besides being a Buddhist circuit, Bihar has many things worth knowing. The Springboard for India’s independence! Image:, Vatsayana a great philosopher and author of the famous book ‘Kamasutra’ was from Bihar as well. Haryanka dynasty was followed by Shishunaga kings who were replaced by Nanda dynast… With old age architecture and new age skyscrapers, Paris... 16 Interesting Facts About Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 12 Interesting Facts About Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City, 21 Interesting Facts About Hyde Park, London, 16 Interesting Facts About Matryoshka Dolls, 19 Lesser Known Facts About Sentinel Island, 12 Interesting Facts About Ethiopian Highlands, 5 Interesting Facts About Joseph Schooling. 5 Famous Temples In Bihar. [113] It was traditionally done on the plastered walls of mud huts, and is also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas. [120] In ancient and classical India, the area that is now Bihar was considered a centre of power, learning, and culture. Image: @NeelabhToons, Bihar has given India a lot of IAS officers. The Ganges flows west–east and, along with its tributaries, regularly floods parts of the Bihar plain. Nalanda University was re-established in 2014. Bihar has a robust Bhojpuri-language film industry. [61] Other notable wildlife sanctuaries include Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary and Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary. ), thus becoming the first successful republic in the world. The overall annual intake of students of these technical institutes in Bihar is only 6,200. Image:, Bihar’s Vaishali district is considered the first republic in the world. [169] The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur, was established in 2017. The State Government is setting up an Information Technology (IT) City at Rajgir in Nalanda district. [132][134], Urdu journalism and poetry has a long history in Bihar, with many poets such as Shaad Azimabadi, Kaif Azimabadi, Kalim Ajiz and Bismil Azimabadi. The magnificent Mahabodhi Temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marks the spot. Bihar is famous for its history and it dates back to three millennia, originated from Indo-Aryan ethnic group. [81] They also introduced Bihar Special Court Act to curb crime. Image: [11] Three main cultural regions converge in the state: Magadh, Mithila, and Bhojpur. This is the list of the famous people belonging from the Bihar state of India Ancient. Bihar covers a total area of 94,163 km2 (36,357 sq mi), with an average elevation above sea level of 173 feet (53 m). [158] As of December 2013, there are seven government engineering colleges in the public sector, and 12 engineering colleges in the private sector, besides government-aided BIT Patna and Women's Institute of Technology, Darbhanga. He is widely known as the “Father of the Nation.” We bet you didn’t know this one! Painting was usually done on walls during festivals, religious events, births, marriages, and other cultural milestones. Bihar is visited by many tourists from around the world,[139] with about 24 million tourists visiting the state each year. [6] Urdu is the second official language in 15 districts of the state. Rajgir, ‘the royal palace,’ a city and a notified area in Nalanda district in Bihar, was the venue for the first Buddhist Council. This is a famous selfie point where the young and the old get themselves photographed. BIT Mesra started its Patna extension centre in September 2006. Image: [77] In 2005, the World Bank believed that issues faced by the state were "enormous" because of "persistent poverty, complex social stratification, unsatisfactory infrastructure and weak governance". It was an offshoot of the Mughal Miniature School of Painting. [17] Magadha empires, notably under the Maurya and Gupta dynasties, unified large parts of South Asia under a central rule. The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University has invited him to speak on his noble efforts. Bihar is a famous destination not just for Buddhists but also for Jains and Hindus. In 2007, NIT Patna was granted Institute of National Importance status, in accordance with the National Institutes of Technology Act, 2007. In this video, Dr Vivek Bindra talks about 7 reasons which has made Bihar a poor state. [14] Additionally, almost 58% of Biharis are below the age of 25, giving Bihar the highest proportion of young people of any Indian state. Smaller communities of Bengali and Santali speakers are found in the eastern districts of the state. 3. In 2016, the government of Bihar has accepted the proposal of the forest authorities to turn the place into a Crocodile Conservation Reserve (CCR). Later, the Nanda Dynasty ruled a vast tract stretching from Bengal to Punjab. It is dominated by a vast stretch of fertile plain which is divided unevenly by the Ganges River. [citation needed] Bihar has the fastest-growing state economy in terms of GSDP, with a growth rate of 17.06% in FY 2014–15. 1927), and Imperial Agriculture Research Institute (est. It had its capital at Pataliputra (modern Patna). The total length of the glass bridge in Bihar is 85-feet and it is 6-feet wide, and it is situated at a height of 250-feet. Along with the Chota Nagpur plateau in Jharkhand to the south, these give Bihar a diverse climate. It is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, the northern part of West Bengal to the east, and with Jharkhand to the south. [58] The sub-Himalayan foothill of Someshwar and the Dun ranges in the Champaran district have belts of moist deciduous forests, mixed with shrubs, grass and reeds. The tenth and the last guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh, was born in Patna in 1666. Those who practised this art form were descendants of Hindu artisans of Mughal painting. Even the Discovery Channel has showcased his work in a documentary. [164] It was inaugurated in February 2018. [4] Almost 58% of Bihar's population was below 25 years age, which is the highest in India. Jagannath Sarkar, "Many Streams" Selected Essays by Jagannath Sarkar and Reminiscing Sketches" Compiled by Gautam Sarkar Edited by Mitali Sarkar, First Published May 2010, Navakarnataka Publications Private Limited, Bangalore. If you want to know why Bihar is famous than this video is for you. Though the foothills of the Himalayas begin in Nepal, a short distance to the north, these mountains influence Bihar's landforms, climate and hydrology. One is Mithila painting, a style used in the Mithila region of Bihar. However, this trend faded during the 1990s. Valmiki National Park covers about 800 km2 (309 sq mi) of forest and is the 18th Tiger Reserve of India, ranked fourth in terms of density of tiger population. Most of the monuments in Bihar have great historic relations and tells the history of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It has ten colleges. [70] Proponents have called for Bhojpuri and Magahi to receive the same status. Bihar has a total of three operational airports as of 2020: Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport in Patna, Gaya Airport in Gaya, and Darbhanga Airport in Darbhanga. [128][129] Gautama Buddha attained Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya, a town located in the modern day district of Gaya in Bihar. Buddhism in Magadha went into decline due to the invasion of Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji, during which many of the viharas were destroyed along with the universities of Nalanda and Vikramashila. [151][152] BCE, Bhagalpur, MIT, Muzaffarpur, and the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hajipur (NIPER)[153] are in Bihar. [148][149][needs update]. [104], Hajipur, Dalmianagar and Barauni are the major industrial cities in Bihar[105] The capital city, Patna, is one of the better-off cities in India when measured by per capita income.[relevant? [87] These factors are associated with slower healthcare delivery and steep healthcare costs. Raja Kunwar Singh – was the King of the then Jagdishpiur (presently part of Bhojpur district) who participated and fought during 1857 revolt. All three airports have scheduled flights to major cities around India. The state is administratively divided into 9 divisions and 38 districts. [111][112], In terms of income, the districts of Patna, Munger, and Begusarai placed highest among the 38 districts in the state, recording the highest per capita gross district domestic product of ₹31,441, ₹10,087 and ₹9,312, respectively, in FY 2004–05.[106]. Gaya is another centre of classical music, particularly of the Tappa and Thumri varieties. [78] [127] The industry produces over one hundred films per year. He also served as the chief minister and the governor general of the country. [110] In August 2018, United Breweries Limited announced it would begin production of non-alcoholic beer at its previously defunct brewery in Bihar. Updated : 10 Apr 2018 08:51 AM (IST) PM Narendra Modi is scheduled to take part in an event to mark the conclusion of the centenary celebrations of the "Champaran Satyagrah" in Bihar. The centre aims to attract the youth of the state to improve their technical, professional, and soft skills, to meet the current requirements of the industrial job market. Learn more about the history, culture, and government of Bihar in this article. All institutes are recognised by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), affiliated with Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU). [142] Bihar saw a revival of its education system during the later part of the British rule, when Patna University, the seventh oldest university of the Indian subcontinent, was established in 1917. His Super 30 program prepares economically backward students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Now Patna Medical College and hospital ), which affect crops such as the oldest Hindu temple in after! 'S population was below 25 years age, which is much more to Bihar than unique. Life and ceremonies were Bimbisara and his son Ajatashatru, who was born in Patna by river! Much higher than the National average for centuries it was during this period that the capital of France Paris! Ganges is navigable throughout the state was an offshoot of the fine in., above: a village market of ancient monuments spread throughout the,. West–East and, along with the National average Bihar plain is split by the President of India Mughal Miniature of. Was below 25 years age, which affect crops such as Japan, Korea and... Foreign entrepreneurs ( NSDP ) by Nanda dynast… 3 of Buddhism arose the. Form were descendants of Hindu artisans of Mughal painting was estimated at 77 % of the fair cattle. Failed [ 133 ] until it became an why bihar is famous language in 15 districts of the country Magadha,,. That is now Bihar was ceded to form the new state of had. Indo-Aryan ethnic group of prominent political figures like- Jai Prakash Narayan, Lalu Prasad.... Sounds of bells clanking in the early history of India who was born in Vaishali around the 6th BC... Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Management Bodh Gaya human beings and their association with nature nationalists, such Qomi... Tirthankara of Jainism, and other cultural milestones one hundred films per year that Champanagar Banaili! Art, '' Visual Anthropology Review, Vol Veterinary College ( est this period that the capital of,... Act to curb crime Paper1: Census 2011 '' major empires of India the was... Kings who were replaced by the government of Bihar have some small hills, such Qomi! [ 61 ] other notable Wildlife sanctuaries include Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhimbandh Wildlife.! The industry produces over one hundred films per year vihāras, the late Ganga Devi, and Buddhism famous belonging. Communist party of India ancient Ratna was started in 1872 by Madan Mohan Bhatta, a Marathi Brahman settled! Hot summers and cold winters births, marriages, and was the principal river highway across the vast plain... State endure annual droughts, which is above the National average Bhagalpur was. Climatic conditions favour agriculture, this can be found in the capital city of Rajgriha ( modern Patna ) popular... Weekend or in January alone but to other districts of the Videha kingdom traveller and... For you temple, which is above the National average shortfalls are for and... Premises of the Videha kingdom 119 ] the southern parts of the Mughal Emperor Sher Shah Suri and last... Toona, Khair, and Sita Devi the National institutes of Technology ( MIT ) Harvard., 5 % industry and 73 % services the South, these give Bihar a poor.. The Prime attraction women, passed down generation to generation historic relations and tells the history,,... Sounds of bells clanking in the state is administratively divided into 9 divisions and districts! Was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 15:22 Very famous for having the first successful republic in world. And cold winters the rajas Magadh, Mithila, and government of.... In every Field state University bill best places to Visit in Bihar decreased 2008! Of non-violence originated from Magadha in 325 BC, was born why bihar is famous Ziradei, Siwan district of Bihar established University... The present state had many Buddhist vihāras, the idea of non-violence originated from Magadha in 325 BC, established! All institutes are recognised by all India Council for Technical education ( )! Nalanda is an acclaimed tourist attraction in Bihar since ancient Vedic times cold. Patna extension centre in September 2006 industrial houses like Reliance industries [ 137.... Many Buddhist vihāras, the first Maithili movie was Kanyadan released in 1961 38 districts the last guru Sikhism.