To allow Apple CarPlay, check out the detailed guide below: If you are using a BMW car, you can try to press the volume knob for 30 seconds ansd then configure the CarPlay connection, some users found that this way worked. This will halt other activities that might be interrupting the working and fix the problem. 5. And needed some time to forget. The overwhelming majority of the time simply connecting the phone will make CarPlay available. If my radio is off, when I turn my radio on then Carplay will work. 2018 Subaru Crosstrek with CarPlay. Allow Apple CarPlay in Restrictions. A follow-up after a few days: I am now certain that my CarPlay connection issues are related to BlueTooth activity and the iPhone. I hope this works for you, and others. Apple CarPlay is the best way to connect your Apple iPhone to your new Mercedes-Benz. Follow this easy step-by-step guide, or watch the video above to learn how pair your Apple iPhone to your new Mercedes-Benz with Apple CarPlay. It seems that the head unit in the car was still trying to connect to the old phone and not the new one. When I connect my iPhone to use the maps (haven't tried other apps, just maps) touching the Carplay icon does not respond unless my radio is on. 2017 Acadia. I had the issue with Apple CarPlay disconnecting after roughly 2 mins after making connection with the lightning cable. 7. Anyways, I called Apple a 2nd time and they don't know the problem. The main reason why Apple CarPlay is not working is due to the fact that it is actually blocked from your iPhone. In that case I … 1. I've tried making sure carplay wasn't a blocked app. Apple Footer. Reset your iPhone. The CarPlay system is meant to connect to your iPhone via a wire or wirelessly. You can go into your car’s Bluetooth setting and delete your phone from the list of connected devices, or you can simply turn off the Bluetooth setting on your phone to disconnect it temporarily. This may be the last resort for CarPlay not connecting issues, but will cause some data loss. Repair iPhone System to Fix CarPlay Not Connecting on iPhone; Tip 1. Tip 8. They're sending my issue to … Not all cars with Apple Carplay are alike, and as such, you may need to disconnect your phone from Bluetooth in order to get Apple Carplay working. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. (Remember, CarPlay is essentially just an extension of the iPhone's interface, so it's up to the phone to make it happen). Issue Resolved with CarPlay "Device Not Connected" / Disconnecting Issue. 6. Apple CarPlay disconnecting all of a sudden is something that everybody experiences sooner or later, but on the other hand, there are people out there claiming that the … The simple and straightforward fix to resolve the CarPlay not working on iPhone 11 errors is to restart your iPhone and the CarPlay system. In this case, make sure that CarPlay is allowed on your restriction settings for it to work on your car’s multimedia system. Makes no sense, but that's my work-around. But once in a while it doesn't. If the iPhone is doing something over the BlueTooth connection, it won't fire up CarPlay. It requires that the phone be connected via USB/Lightning cable. Configure the CarPlay Connection. After the phone was connected successfully, I plugged in phone to the USB port and after a few minutes CarPlay has reconnected and so far has been working well. Restart your iPhone and CarPlay System.